You can achieve amazing effects and immersive experience for your viewers and yourself.

To properly stream in hologram mode, use a unified background color, such as a wall. White/gray backgrounds are highly recommended but other unified background colors can be used as well and fine-tuned with the HoloColor mixer. It is highly recommended your clothing colors are not the same as the background or the hologram will make you “invisible. For example, a white cat would be invisible if it is similar to the background.


Background effects Holograms allow for dynamic scenes, such as beach waves and other effects. In the future, you will be able to create and import your own dynamic scenes. See the product roadmap

Streaming from multiple devices Camtastic allows you to stream from multiple devices at the same time, under the same user. devices, thus being able to see multiple views / angles. For optimal audio quality and viewer experience, stream audio only from one device mute (click the microphone icon) on all other steaming devices.

Streaming with background noise/music Whenever 2 or more people are streaming, (especially if they are from same room/area), it is highly recommended to only have one source of music/background noise where other streamers mute themselves (click the microphone icon).